Mask on! – Enjoy the art in safety

| Between October 16 and 25, the Budapest Art Week is waiting for the visitors in 74 locations, with nearly 100 exhibitions and more than 90 programs. In order to enjoy the exciting art programs in safety, we have created masks with quotes and graphics, designed by an artist, Anita Nemes. Buy the mask through our website and enjoy safely the biggest art event of the autumn!


Extraordinary announcement

| Following the decision of the Hungarian Government, in accordance with guidelines issued in response to the global health emergency, the 40th jubilee Budapest Spring Festival will be cancelled. Tickets will be refunded via the Festival’s website. Further details on this process will soon be announced at Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


“I fell in love with Hungarian culture ”

Magazine | A painter and potter, Jahangir Matboo has been living and workingin Budapest for ten years. He told us why he feels at home in Hungary,but you can ask your own questions when visiting his studio during a guided tour on 14 April. Author: Máté Csabai


Don’t fear the threshold!

interview | During Budapest Art Week, Várfok Gallery is hosting not one, but two openings: the newest paintings of Levente Herman and the photographs of Mátyás Misetics, both regular artists of the gallery, are expertly planned, precisely executed, brilliant compositions. The art director of the gallery, Krisztina Kovács has taken the time to answer our questions.


It’s not enough to be good – Hungarian art in the international scene

Magazine | The influence of Paris, Berlin, Rome or Venice is an indelible part of Hungarian modernity. Although the Iron Curtain has set back the prospects of Hungarian artists on the international market by decades, today, in the age of information explosion, they face a new array of global challenges.


Discover Creative Spaces – Open Studios Afternoon

interview | It's always a great experience to get behind the scenes, be it any kind of art. Budapest Art Week has been offering visitors the opportunity from the beginnings to get a glimpse at the spaces where artworks are born. This year, Csaba Fürjesi's Budapest studio will be open to the general public for the first time.


The message is the first

interview | The Molnár Ani Galéria awaits visitors at a new location in the Palotanegyed (the inner 8th District) during Budapest Art Week. We have asked Ani Molnár, the owner of one of the most successful contemporary art galleries about what she loves most about running a gallery and how to understand contemporary art.


Suspensions – Contemporary Art as an Exciting Mixture

interview | One of Budapest Art Week's own exhibitions will be held in the Tesla exhibition space during the event. The group exhibition entitled Suspensions is going to showcase an exciting mixture of contemporary art and prove that even a chemical expression can be related to them. We talked with the curator of the exhibition, Krisztián Kukla.


Permanent Revolution – Ludwig Museum presents the rebellious art of the Ukraine

interview | Opening on 6 April, the new temporary exhibition of Ludwig Museum entitled Permanent Revolution showcases Ukrainian art from recent years. Although the Ukraine might feel like a peripheral region both geographically and in the context of art history, Ukrainian art radiates a tremendous amount of power and it might also help to understand our own history. We talked about the exhibition with the director of the museum, Julia Fabényi.