Here is the city, we are its residents – Budapest Art Week presents its own exhibition

Budapest is one of the most beautiful European capitals. It has a thousand faces and we never get tired of discovering it over and over again. Entitled Here is the city, we are its residents, the first of Budapest Art Week’s own exhibitions aims to present this diverse image. The exhibition will be shown in the Budapest Projekt Galéria. Curator Bálint Ferenczy shared some the details about the show.

How did you choose the theme and the title of the exhibition?

The subject was practically self-explanatory. I wanted to create an exhibition that speaks to everyone. Budapest Art Week itself, its mission – to bring fine art closer to the resident of the city – and also the venue made it a given for Budapest to become the focal point. There is a personal story behind the title. I was at home for a family visit when we started talking about the exhibition and my parents immediately brought Tamás Cseh’s song Budapest to my attention. The bittersweet song is incredibly relevant today, even though its lyrics were written by Géza Bereményi in 1977. I suggest everyone to listen to it, even better if your eyes are closed, and try to recall memories of your own Budapest.

What was your inspiration for the concept?

The aforementioned song is about a city where many people arrive at, but a lot of them are also thinking about leaving. We go to work in the morning, meet familiar faces on the street – In short, we live our everyday life. Sometimes we complain, sometimes we proudly state that we are from here. The photos show the history and the everyday life of a complex and diverse city.

Why and how did you choose photography as a medium?

The purpose of the exhibition is to present the faces of a European metropolis. These photographs are able show the diversity of the city and its residents, including both portrait and documentary series. I did not want to create an exhibition on the history of Budapest, rather I was looking for works that show a diverse image of the capital: young people at parties, the cafés and our community spaces, the never-ending process of building metro line 4. There are series that tell personal stories, while others present various phenomena and locations with documentary accuracy. The exhibition will feature well-known artists and fresh graduates as well.

Who would you like to address with the exhibition?

It is very important to me that it is understandable even without a lot of reading and knowledge of art history. That is why I trust that the exhibition will be enjoyable and thought-provoking for everyone.

Are there any accompanying programs?

We are preparing curatorial tours at Budapest Art Week's own exhibitions, and there will also be a very exciting talk with the photographers. We will be focusing on topics such as the way in which photographers find locations, or how a photo is actually born, providing a look behind the scenes for our visitors.


Fülöp Luca  |   2018/03/22
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