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Astonishingly modern - German Renaissance Art in the Museum

Guided tour in the European Art 1250-1600 exhibition.

Visitors can view the Gothic, early and High Renaissance as well as the mannerist material of the Old Master Paintings. The richest section of the selection comprising some four thousand works presents the art of the Italian regions – primarily Tuscany, Venice, Emilia, Romagna, Rome, and Lombardy – but the Netherlandish, German, and Spanish painting of the era is also represented through outstanding masterpieces. Thanks to the new concept, the overall picture displaying the local characteristics of each school will be accompanied by the presentation of universal trends and the mutual influence between the centres of art. At certain points of the exhibition epoch-making masters – who defined the given period or artistic circle – are highlighted, among them Lucas Cranach, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, and El Greco. The thematically arranged halls provide a more complex overview of the genres, modes of depiction, stylistic trends and the original function of artworks. The paintings are complemented with sculptures, prints, and applied art objects, allowing an insight into relations of artistic and cultural history. 

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Európai művészet 1250-1600

Szépművészeti Múzeum